“Meg is a delight to have in the studio. From her straight retail reads – to her less conventional ‘post Cold War / Eastern European shock putt instructor’ read. (you should ask her!) Sometimes when casting, we can all fall into ‘casting someone we already know, simply because it is the easiest option’….. But after initially ‘taking a risk’ with Meg we have been thrilled with the results! She’s great – we love her!!” – Shaun Malzard, ARN

“I love working with Meg. As well as being a positive and fun person to have around, she’s patient and obliging, and has a lovely voice which she knows how to use. She listens, takes direction well, and when appropriately cast hits the mark every time.” – Stephen Renfree, Bang Bang Studios

“I rarely give recommendations, and being completely selfish feel I should keep Meg a secret, but that would be a disservice to one of the industry’s best. Meg has such an amazing range, and a fantastic ability to interpret the script, giving it the energy or sensibility required with ease. Recently I was asked to have a commercial voiced by a bunny rabbit and seriously questioned whether it could be done or not. Meg created the style within minutes – and it sounded brilliant. Energy, vibrancy and grace. Love your work Meg.” – Chris Gates, SCA

“Meg was a complete delight to work with on our recent voice over project. She grasped the brief quickly and executed it perfectly within a couple of quick reads. I would highly recommend Meg and we hope to work with her again soon!” – Julie Schroder, Dave Clark Design Associates

“Meg is a delight to work with both in and out of the voice booth. If you’re looking for a bright and friendly female then Meg is your girl. When a client is present you can rely on her to be professional and impress. If you need a more animated delivery Meg can reach the energy levels needed due to her Musical theatre background.” – Hannah Sly, SCA